World Future Shift was created to allow companies to easily find business innovation around the world. Find incredible opportunities to access to the most innovative startups everywhere, in your city, your country or abroad.

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A large global network at your disposal. Benefit of a worldwide visibility.

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Improve your visibilty online and get new investors for your business.

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We are experts in data mining, data analysis and data visualization. All things data. SERVICE Data Consulting Optimization of the tools to maximize your organization. Market Studies Origin and study...


Mobile solution focused on the company’s sales force.   SERVICE Allows to manage company’s sale force and access to relevant business information such as the stock directly from the customer’s...


Kasuva is a new online platform that helps connect companies, find suppliers and customers in a faster, simpler and safer way.   SERVICE Kasuva is a meeting point for companies. Our...


Hardware and software that allows access to restricted areas using smartphones or any type of identity identification mechanism.   SERVICE Using the Parknet application, residents of housing estates can give...


Network of specialized professionals in Telemamography which improve the access to high quality mammography in the North of Argentina to contribute to the early detection of breast cancer   SERVICE Network...


Smart recycling services   SERVICE The smart recycling network is an enterprise dedicated to the development and management of smart recycling services. We define smart recycling services as a generator...

Uriji Jami

Giving value to human potential in the digital world   SERVICE URIJI is a worldwide application that allows you to generate income by sharing your dreams and stories   INNOVATION...


Intelag offers the right tools to support producers to improve their decision-making and use their resources more accurately.     SERVICE We do this by providing real-time information on the...

Why we created World Future Shift?


We are passionate about innovation and are convinced that ideas start everywhere around the world. Despite the global mass medias, there remains a lack of information about startups in emerging markets and the quality of innovation is certainly not the reason behind this.

Our aim is:

  • to improve the VISIBILITY of these innovative startups around the world.

  • to CONNECT startup with small & medium companies which wants to grow their business through innovation.




Ismael Burone

Edu editorial / Chief Investigator
Poder conocer los diferentes innovaciones que se están llevando a cabo en el mundo, pero aún más en latinoamerica es fundamental para cualquier emprendedor que quiera realmente dejar un impacto. El recorrido de World Future Shift permite poder adentrarnos en estas innovaciones logrando inspirar, reflexionar pero sobre todo generar ideas

Dani Vianna

Inversionate / CEO
La entrevista con Claire y Andy de World Future Shift fue muy grata y el video que nos nos entregaron quedó excelente. En la entrevista los chicos nos ayudaron a que nos soltáramos cada ves más con el paso de los minutos y la conversación se terminó dando de forma natural y distendida. Sin lugar a dudas el video lo usaremos como tarjeta de presentación en las redes