We accelerate donations in times of disaster.



We help people affected by natural disasters with donations according to their needs, connecting donors with the products needed in disaster areas through our application.

Actus drives, automates and manages donations in times of disaster, we are between donors and department stores, we connect all stakeholders (donors, department stores, donor organizations and affected donors) in the process of benefiting people affected by different types of disaster.

The donors find in Actus the necessary products for the conjuncture of the disaster, optimizing the donations. We rely on the processes of store’s dispatch by department to make donation’s delivery to the organizations which would be in charge to deliver them to the affected people.



Through Actu’s acquisitions, we will carry out inventories of the products to be delivered in the disaster zones, thereby automating the inventory process that organizations have to perform to deliver the donations, speeding up the flow from donation to the delivery, all within a framework of 0 commissions for the purchase of products, Actus is a non-profit application.

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Alonso Bautista y Erick Mestanza