Agrorev offers a Sustainable Precision Agriculture


1. Full soil diagnosis (Satellital and biológical)
2. Different treatments offers from local sustainable companys. Acid humics, Liquid microorganisms (+80 species) and Amino acids.
3. Monthly monitoring service.


We solve the lack of nutrients in the soil due to poor agricultural practices with agrochemicals.
Our solution to this problem, in principle, make a good diagnosis of the soil. (Any field is equal to another, even within the same field there are different soils) to know in what situation is. The same is done by a chromatographic study and later we do a satellite 16 bands diagnosis to see what humans eyes cannot see.
Once we know which state is the ground, treatment begins. It is something completely new for agriculture. We use microorganisms (over 80 species), humus and aminoácids (replacing urea).
With this technique, we replaced fertilizers by 70%, hervicides by 30% and 100% of pesticides. Not only we restore life to the ground, but it does so in a sustainable way and almost without agrochemicals.
And unlike conventional agriculture using products (mostly agrochemicals) for a single campaign, our products are cumulative campaign after campaign.


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Business Model
Alejandro Gutierrez Toomey, María Lopez Lapenna, Juan Christie Newbery and Luis Crecelli