Arma Tu Vaca

Arma Tu Vaca

Make easy online group payments



Social events organization that require money management has never been easy. The event organizer must dedicate time and effort so that all participants of the event pay their share, and many times, they do not pay him and he must put his own money.

Through, the organizer can: maintain centralized information of payments, receive notifications by email, generate reports in Excel, invite and thank participants, among other features. In general, through, the experience of organizing the group payment is much more enjoyable, and had never been done online.



In Colombia, traditional banking has high costs. Likewise, it does not generate a pleasant and innovative experience to give money between people, because this takes time and effort, and it is expensive.

That is why, is an innovative platform, which seeks to generate an innovative experience, looking for friends to dedicate themselves to enjoying your event, and not to worry about managing the accounts. is a Fintech business that aims to be the modern banking. It is a fact that traditional banking is changing. And we want to influence that to happen faster.

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Business Model
Pedro Gaviria & Camilo Ruiz
Year Founded
Currently: Colombia Future: México, Perú, Ecuador.