Intelligent transportation: Optimize the use of existing traffic infrastructure in order to improve the mobility conditions of citizens and generate more sustainable environments


Through our technological innovation, we provide real-time traffic data in order to help decrease problems such as traffic jam, excessive travel times and the impossibility to  schedule itineraries caused by high volume of cars.

In addition, our product provides a source of reliable and efficient information in order to realise studies and / or implement engineering projects.



Counts of vehicles with classification: The classification will be made between cars, buses, trucks and motorcycles.

Counts with movement classification: All movements at an intersection are quantified.

Detection of traffic problems: In abnormal situations, alert will be send instantly with images.

Average speeds: Analysis of the average and maximum velocities at the intersection.

Travel times: The different devices will allow to calculate travel times either for short or long distances.

Origin-destination matrices: A network of sensors will determine the traffic maps of a city and the percentages of trips from different points.


Business Model