Crowdium is Crowdfunding’s first 100% transactional real estate platform in Latin America, which allows any investor with minimum capital to participate in the real estate market in a simple, safe and profitable way.



Our company, through its 5-tier platform developed in house (Front End, Customer Account, Trustee, Sales Channels, Crowdium Admin) allows a client to complete in less than 3 hours the entire investment process, In a fully automated manner, including the government’s compliance process and anti-money laundering policies.

Crowdium works with a first-rate trustee, audited by the CNV, which is responsible for all capital management and compliance with obligations, making the investment 100% Safe.

Additionally, Crowdium has an initial Brick & click sales strategy, which relies on traditional sales channels (with exclusive contracts), which all through our platform, generate sales and traffic on our site so that the customer can choose the Project, looking for the level of income and risk according to their profile and can now participate in the real estate market, and not be reserved only for people with high purchasing power.

Crowdium in a second stage will include investment portfolios in agriculture and renewable energy, so that any small and medium investors can find in Crowdium a technological solution to channel and manage their diversified investments online.



Many Industries have natural technological entrepreneurship, such as Netflix is ​​on TV, Uber in transportation, or Spotify in Music, Crowdium is the natural technological venture of the real estate industry. The difference is that it does not confront the value chain, but supporting all its links to improve its operation. Crowdium benefits the Developers, buying wholesale and Cash, to the sales channels, generating more sales to a new public with products of more accessible ticket, to the Clients, giving the opportunity to enter the market with amounts much inferior to the traditional ones already The big investors, allowing them to invest more without taking care of anything.

The market is a multi-billion dollar market, which allows the simultaneous coexistence of multiple players, with almost no competitors in Latin America and Europe and focusing on small and medium investors with less than 100,000 usd, with a special focus on “millenials generation” who does not like the banks, and that are fanatics of the new technologies like the Crowdfunding.

We want to change the way we invest. Crowdium is not a Real Estate company, it is an investment platform, where we want to democratize the investments, eliminating the borders, and that anyone can invest in any country, any amount, without major restrictions.

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Manuel Estruga & Damián Lopo
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Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, México, Paraguay, Perú, Colombia