One of the most important accelerator and incubator in Argentina

Development of professional entrepreneurship in Argentina and Latin America in general, through the creation of programs of training, incubation, risk investment, studies to improve the entrepreneurial context, and related activities that allow the generation of new companies with high potential of increase.


For 16 years, EMPREAR has been promoting high-impact entrepreneurship and innovation management through programs and activities that integrate the five key sectors for the creation of sustainable value: Knowledge, Government, Enterprise, Investor and Entrepreneur, which we call “PENTAGONO EMPREAR “.

We educate and share knowledge, through collaborative methodologies and programs based on: “learning by doing”, “undertaking to implement”, “innovating experimenting”, in order to generate a cultural change in Argentina, a strong entrepreneurial spirit and innovation, Full people, globally integrated local ecosystems, sustainable and enduring enterprises.

Our values:

  • Respect for each person, diversity and environment.
  • Ethics, transparency and professionalism.
  • Proactivity for the capture of opportunities.
  • Passion for disruptive technologies, to undertake and to innovate.
  • Cooperation and confidence building.
  • Sustainability in each project
  • We act to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals
    Of the UN Global Compact, in favor of people, the planet and prosperity.

We contribute to the following points

1 – Eradication of poverty
4 – Quality education
7 – Affordable and non-polluting energy
8 – Decent employment and economic growth
9 – Innovation and infrastructures

Social Network
Twitter: @Emprear_Innova https://www.facebook.com/emprear/
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