We want to build a Time Machine



Enterreno is building the world’s largest Time Machine. We do this through the compilation of thousands and thousands of historical photographs sent by users and complemented with the knowledge of each one of them. That is why this initiative is thought for users with the idea that they are the ones who configure this large file daily. In this way, we are rebuilding our past, and thus creating a better basis for recording the future.

With the idea of ​​being able to travel in time and the motivation to share this sensation, Enterreno works every day to be able to transport its users to the past and thus, to strengthen ties with the origins, history, culture, identity and roots of each place .



We are the only collaborative platform in its kind, which liberates the country’s historical visual contents and democratizes access to this knowledge. On the other hand, Enterreno encourages the rescue of material that is being progressively lost for shelter and permanent use. Each photo is geotagged to the place where it was taken, so it will allow us to make our mobile devices become the access portal to travel in time, that is, we can scan with our cell phones different landscapes and cities through the years.

Social Network
www.enterreno.com/blogs instagram.com/enterrenochile twitter.com/enterrenochile facebook.com/enterrenochile https://vimeo.com/201924671
Business Model
Felipe Bengoa & Nicolás Fernández
Year Founded
Currently: Chile Future: Argentina & México, and generally Latin America