Make code review process more efficient.


GitColony gamifies the code review experience by giving incentives for developers to help others improve the quality of their code, similar to a dating site, developers are matched with code and get to review only the code they are experts on. This will also give developers a standardized reputation score to showcase their skills.


Super Pull Requests: Collaborate with your team in real time, performing progressive checks to avoid titanic reviews before deploying

Merging Pull Requests: With Gitcolony you can manage the whole development cycle: create the pull request, review it and merge it!

Custom business rules engine + EWS: Gitcolony helps you reinforce the rules your team follows informally.

Quality assurance made easy: Integrate your development and QA processes.

Gamification: Your team members get points for delivering high quality code and helping your team.

Integrations: Gitcolony integrates with the services your team already uses! Seamlessly pull data and activity from external tools to concentrate up-to-date information about your projects in just one place.


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