Plateform that connects people who wants to lend money with people who wants to invest.


The plateform connects those who come to the financial market to request a loan (applicants) and savers seeking to make their savings profitable (investors).

By implementing the Peer to Peer Lending model, we make it easy for applicants and investors to help each other fulfill their dreams and achieve their goals.


The applicant makes the loan application through the platform

Inversionate analyses the data and performs of this loan

Once the applicant approves the result, the request is published so that all investors can access to this details

When a set of investors decides to invest to this request and is funded 100%, the documentation is signed by both parties and the money is deposited by the investors to the applicant

Then the applicant periodically, makes the payment of the quotas and Inversionate is in charge of distributing the profits to the investors according to their participation.

Business Model
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