Kasuva is a new online platform that helps connect companies, find suppliers and customers in a faster, simpler and safer way.



Kasuva is a meeting point for companies. Our main objective is

  • to facilitate the commercial exchange between small and medium companies
  • to give companies access to new business opportunities abroad
  • to help companies find customers and suppliers

We want to speed up these processes to make it automatic and simpler. Therefore, companies can focus their efforts on their business.

We also facilitate the internationalization process for companies. This is especially important in Latin America because, despite having excellent companies, the number of exporting business is much lower than in other parts of the world. Kasuva was born to help companies solve this situation.



We believe that in Latin America there are excellent small medium-sized companies with high quality products that nevertheless have great difficulties to grow, for various reasons (difficulty accessing new markets, economic limitations … ..). Kasuva aims to help these companies with excellent products to be developed.

In Kasuva we want to empower companies for the quality of their products and services and not for their economic capacity.

Working with both parts of the market allows us to streamline and optimize the buying and selling processes. On one hand, we optimize the company purchasing processes through tenders, and on th eother hand we create new sales opportunities for our clients.

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Àlvaro Feo
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