Network of specialized professionals in Telemamography which improve the access to high quality mammography in the North of Argentina to contribute to the early detection of breast cancer



Network of professional telemamography experts. We performed in the North of Argentina a quality mammography diagnosis to contribute to the early detection of breast cancer. We have high quality technology and improve the access to a relevant medical diagnosis especially for women at the base of the pyramid.

Our service consists of a personalized attention to women, we work in campaigns of prevention and awareness, we have professionals and specialists recognized within the Network.



We use the internet to build the Network and we carry out the diagnosis in different provinces of the Country, not necessarily where the Women are performing the study. In addition we adopted the “Multicanal” way and we reached the women through different communication channels in roder to reach a wide range of women without any exception. The aim is that none of them were left without the possibility of carrying out the study (conventional telephone – Social Networks – Smart Phone – Public Way – ChatBot – among others). Our technology is the most advanced in the world market today.

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B2B & B2C
Guillermo Pepe
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