Discover your perfect match in the job market

We connect new generations with companies in an innovative way. We created a platform enabling everyone to find the job of their dreams based on their interests, tastes and preferences.

We succeed in bringing company and talent together in this perfect match, as well as providing a place where companies tell us through the use of videos, images and testimonies who they are, what their values are, what they are looking for and how they transform the world.

The new generations (millennials – gen z) believe as little in companies as they do in institutions (the church, the government, political parties, etc) and as a result today it is extremely important to create a meeting place for one to get to know the other, where the communication is no longer unidirectional.

We break with the old paradigm of the job search, in which the company often remains secret and publishes a classification and waits for thousands of CVs to be sent in. Today young people understand the working relationship as a dual carriageway, in which clear communication, respect, honesty, etc. on the part of the companies are hoped for. It is no longer about a selection of CVs, but a mutual choice between individual and company.

We created this social platform in which we make this perfect match possible.

You can also see Protalenters interview on Youtube

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