Women first fitness center in Argentina

At QueenFit you will find …

A community of women

We are an exclusive fitness club designed specifically for women with the support and continous monitoring with a professional team to help you achieve your goals.

A fast method

A training methodology adapted to your comfort since the main circuit takes only 30 minutes of your day. Come and train whenever you want, with no timetables or shifts.

A comprehensive training

You will train with an entire programme, working with physical abilities such as strength, endurance, balance, flexibility and coordination, while achieving your aesthetic goals and improving your health. We have different levels of difficulty to make the challenge permanent.

Cardiac monitoring

You will be monitored by our cardiac sensor system that will provide you with a safety framework while training, as well as information for workload control and progressive evaluation.

A healthy eating plan

We will achieve a change of habits step by step, through a personalized plan of healthy eating according to your daily energy requirement, which will help you to model your body, improve your health and your quality of life. May your effort be noticed!


Business Model
Agustin Arola Nowell Ceo and Founder
Year Founded