Improve the customer experience and increase the profitability of your business


Technology that provide to shopping centres or supermarkets the same tools that e-commerce pure players have to make good decision. The behaviour and movements of all the people are studied and analysed in order to know how they interact with the different stores, the different products, the average of visits, etc. This information would help managers to make better decisions



Platform on real-time monitoring: It allows to monitor and digitize the visitors’ route, to know and manage more efficiently the performance of business operations through an online tool.


Behavior Analysis: With the data collected, visitors can be profiled and analyzed according to their behavior. It allows to identify new, recurring and loyal visitors, employees and suppliers.


Predict and optimize: External data will complete this information providing the necessary context to predict changes in visitor behavior, allowing improvements of operations and communication strategies.


Attracting and Loyalty: The effective segmentation of consumers will enable new channels of communication and will allow to offer personalized benefits that improve their shopping experience and affinity with the brand.


Dashboard: Our clients access an online control panel, accessible from mobile devices and desktop. From there they can monitor the traffic and performance of their stores, conduct comparative analysis and study the behavior of their customers and employees.



Malls: We allow to visualize pedestrian traffic, times of permanence, routes and recurrence of the visitors of the commercial space.


Shops: We help optimize conversion rates, increase the average purchase and loyalty customer base.


Business Model