We offer complete 3d printing solutions to complement traditional manufacturing in order to enable industries to adapt, expand and take full advantage of this revolutionizing technology.


In Trideo, we combine extensive 3D printing know-how with industry experienced engineers to offer tailor-made solutions. Our purpose is to attack increasing needs in the manufacturing industry and detect opportunities applying additive manufacturing as a complement to traditional manufacturing. We guarantee a swift and efficient implementation to take full advantage of this technology. This allows firms to adapt in a competetive enviroment becoming more efficient in product time to market, for example, or even satisfy niche markets with custom products traditional manufacturing can not offer.  


We develop and manufacture 3d printers focusing on user experience and usability. This has been our fuel to enhance our know-how in 3d printing and create a multidisciplinary team able to offer custom 3d printers and full implementation in production processes.
As a new and emerging technology, we believe our team has great value in the market applying 3d printing´s precision to different industries. Our focus is additive manufacturing, but we continuously explore different applications and, in consequence, markets. In education, we developed an easy assembling 3D printer Kit, in medicine, we currently have a bio-printer running tests in a renown medical institute, in consumer product, we have developed 3 models.


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