Platform that allows consumers to determine what they want to buy, how much they want to pay for it and for how long they want the deal.


Platform that gives the opportunity to customers to pre-determine their purchasing conditions for the desired product (price, form of payment, term, etc.).  The customer pays when his conditions are accepted by one of the accredited suppliers.  The first seller to accept the conditions, makes the sale before its competitors



You choose the PRICE and the forms of payment. Wewaant negotiate with Accredited suppliers. Te first to accept, win the sale! RETAILERS compete, YOU win!

Instead of SEARCHING for offers, providers have to find customers and accept their conditions, Retailers compete and customers get what they want (product, price, etc)

Customer can buy from various suppliers with same security and same registration.

With this platform, customers would not receive marketing emails after they purchase the product, there is a customer information protection

Business Model
B2B and B2C
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