Yumit holds the attention of children when it’s time to eat and makes mealtimes an interactive experience using technology



Getting kids to maintain a balanced diet can be a real challenge, either because of lack of motivation, difficulty in appreciating certain flavors, or being easily distracted.
Yumit motivates children by transforming, in real time, every ounce of food they consume into virtual energy that they can use in games for mobile devices. In addition, an app allows parents to monitor their children’s nutrition and receive suggestions to ensure a diet perfect for them.
Yumit turns mealtime into a fun, enjoyable and educational experience for everyone.



There is a mobile application with a nice game for childrens

Yumit is made of high technology materials. Its ends are rounded so that the boys can handle it easily.
It is also available in a variety of fun colors appropriate for all ages.
The set includes: individual, fork, knife and spoon made with durable and safe materials.

Business Model