We motivate people to do physical activity and achieve their goals in a simple, easy and safe way.

INNOVATION: It is a group cardiac monitoring system that seeks to change the way of training. The development focuses on group training. Allows automatic recognition of participants. Supports gamification Proactive training and automatic reporting.

What is CoreWorkout®?

CoreWorkout® is a precise heart rate monitoring system that allows users to show the effort they are making, developed by ZIVA +. It allows you to measure your heart rate in real time, calories and effort. Physical activity both inside and outside the club is synchronized in the user’s account in the “cloud” and allows the user to access the data from anywhere in the world.

Why is intensity important?

The heart beat is the most used amount in the monitoring of physical activity, being today the only precise measurement of the effort.

How to implement it?

To guarantee the success of the implementation we offer our Technical Support and Consultancy in technology applied to the training.


Simple live results using color coding that motivates members to keep them focused. To see the results of the effort with the advance of the time allows to orient them in the objective. It is proven that motivated members are able to improve their results, CoreWorkout® automatically sends the users the training not only to be able to count on training information but also the progress made, being able to make corrections in their routine. It is a simple and reliable tool for trainers with accurate data on the degree of physical activity of users.

Benefits Motivation

CoreWorkout® generates the motivation that will help you turn unactive members into loyal customers. The motivation is based on the possibility of users to monitor in real time their effort, caloric expenditure and training time Heart Rate Monitor Stocks We maintain a permanent stock of bands for heart rate monitoring so that members have quick access, with options to remove them in the gym or by postal mail. Tracing Get reports on the timing and volume of members’ physical activity days.

Value added CoreWorkout®

introduces technology into your club thereby attracting new members, and motivating existing members in regular exercise habits.

• Allows to increase the number of new members.

• Increases personal training volume.

• Increase the HOLD. The greater satisfaction of the members of your gym generates a greater commitment and increase of the retention.


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