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Which are the differences between an incubator and an accelerator of startup?

These 2 organizations help entrepreneurs to develop their business in different areas, such as providing a workplace to facilitate the financing of the business.


In the word "incubator" we have the word "incubate" which means to initiate the development of something. The incubator main function is to provide support to entrepreneurs from the beginning of the project. This support can take different forms such as providing expert advice, workplace with meeting rooms, telephone service, etc.


In this word we find the term "accelerate" which means giving greater speed to something that is already in progress. A startup accelerator selects a certain amount of startups which will help to accelerate its growth in different ways. Mainly, accelerators provide work programs and expert advice. They also help to connect startups with investors who can value the project. Typically, at the end of the acceleration program, the startup is presented to investor to obtain the necessary funding.

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